Airtightness accessories


  Airtightness accessories to help achieve the low air leakage rates needed to achieve the Passivhaus standard. Optime Airtight downlight housing, Instaa Box, Stoppa, Orcon 600F Profi Extrusion Gun, Wizard Vapour Airflow Indicator, Pro Clima Wincon Test Unit, Duplex Hand Dispenser


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Fakro Loft Ladders LTK Energy
FAKRO is one of the world’s leading producers of loft ladders that enable safe and easy access to non-inhabited loft spaces without the need for installing costly and space consuming staircases. The range has 13 standard hatch configurations and accessories. All products are fully pre-assembled and designed for quick installation and maximum accessibility. Features include an integral, insulate..
Starting at £180.00
Inc Vat: £216.00
Fakro Loft Ladders LWT Passive House
The LWT Passive House loft ladder is a technically complex design specifically developed for the demands of such energy-efficient construction standards. It is installed with a kit which connects the ladder to the ceiling to guarantee a perfect seal and insulation without thermal bridges.It comes with Passive House certification.   LWT PASSIVE HOUSE permissible load of 160 kg heat..
Starting at £510.00
Inc Vat: £612.00
Fakro Wooden Loft Ladders LWT
FAKRO WOODEN SECTION LOFT LADDERS The highly efficient LWT loft ladder is recommended for use in energy-efficient buildings. Its excellent level of insulation significantly reduces heat loss and energy bills. U=0.51 W/m2K   ..
Starting at £273.60
Inc Vat: £328.32
Smoke Bottle

Fog generator for testing airtightness layers

Inc Vat: £26.40
Weldano Rollfix

Practical tool for pressing evenly on the welding joint between two SOLITEX WELDANO membranes.

Inc Vat: £70.20
Optime Airtight Downlight Housing
Designed as an innovative one stop airtightness solution for achieving a safe, easy to install sealing system for downlights. Optime Downlight housing boxes are offered as Mini and Maxi housing. The Optime Maxi will accommodate a transformer/light, the Mini is suitable only to house the downlight. Downlight protector Mini is designed to suit all types of roofs and ceilings as it is very suitable i..
Starting at £10.00
Inc Vat: £12.00
INSTAA BOX (Instaabox)
The pro clima INSTAA Box is used to create space for junction boxes etc. in buildings without dry lining by attaching it to the existing vapour check and airtightness membrane and creating an airtight connection to it. The pro clima INSTAA Box creates a local installation zone for plug sockets and light switches in constructions where a service zone is not present between the air-tigh..
Starting at £16.50
Inc Vat: £19.80
The quick and easy solution for a durable secure and airtight seal around cables in conduits. For quick and easy airtight sealing in accordance with DIN 4108-7, SIA 180 and Austrian standard B8110-2 Flexible press-out circular plug seals around cables of various diameters Easy to pierce with nails or cartridge nozzles Multilayered sealing ribs ensure optimum connection to profiled pi..
Starting at £14.00
Inc Vat: £16.80
Orcon 600F Profi Extrusion Gun (for use with 600ml Orcon F tube)
For use with 600F product, reduces packaging and waste. ..
Inc Vat: £73.20
Pro Clima Wincon Test Unit
  The Pro Clima WINCON Test unit is a ventilator inspection device to test a building's airtightness. WINCON sucks air out of the building creating a small pressure difference between inside and outside, causing air to stream through gaps in the building envelope. These air currents can be detected with the bare hand or using smoke puffers and repaired during the ..
Inc Vat: £2,280.00

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