Airtightness adhesives


Airtightness adhesives from Pro Clima: Tescon Primer RP, Orcon F, Orcon Line, Eco Coll Glue.


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Weldano Solvent Application Bottle with Brush
Inc Vat: £31.20
Weldano Turgo 1ltr Tin

Solvent welding agent in the SOLITEX WELDANO roof lining system.

Inc Vat: £32.40
Pro Clima Tescon Primer RP 1.0litre

Tescon Primer RP is a solvent free adhesive primer for wood, fibreboard, masonry, roof, wall and floor boards.

Inc Vat: £21.60
Orcon F
Orcon F is a multi purpose joint adhesive which remains permanently flexible combined  with high strength and elasticity. Penetrates deep into the substrate. Can be used to bond all pro clima vapour check and airtightness membranes as well as PE, PA, PP film and aluminium, to adjoining structural components with smooth or rough (or stone) surfaces. Can be used on slightly damp surface..
Starting at £7.00
Inc Vat: £8.40
Orcon Line
Orcon airtight joint adhesive dispenced from the roll giving consistant size bead. ..
Inc Vat: £24.60
Eco Coll Glue 310ml cartridge

Eco Coll is a natural latex glue for creating permanently airtight joints between vapour check and airtightness membrane made of building paper (e.g. pro clima DB+), both for bonding the overlaps between sheets as well as bonding joints

Inc Vat: £9.60
Orcon 600F Profi Extrusion Gun (for use with 600ml Orcon F tube)
For use with 600F product, reduces packaging and waste. ..
Inc Vat: £73.20

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