Grommets, from Pro Clima, make service penetrations air tight - used to help achieve Passivhaus air tightness below 0.6 air changes per hour (ach). EPDM based airtight grommets allow pipes and cables to pass through the airtightness layer without compromising it.


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Kaflex Airtightness Grommet
Kaflex  is an airtightness grommet for one, two or multiple (up to 16) cables and pipes between 6 and 12mm diameter. Made of high-quality EPDM, ideal for permanently airtight cable and pipe penetrations. Quick installation. The cables and pipes can be still be pulled or pushed without damaging the airtightness. "Be careful with oval/flat cables that a complete seal has been made. If..
Starting at £14.50
Inc Vat: £17.40
Roflex Airtightness Grommet for Pipes
Roflex airtightness grommets for pipes/pipework are made of high-quality EPDM, ideal for permanently airtight pipe penetrations. Quick installation. The pipes can be still be pulled or pushed without damaging the airtightness.   NOW SOLD IN PACKS ONLY ..
Starting at £10.00
Inc Vat: £12.00
INSTAA BOX (Instaabox)
The pro clima INSTAA Box is used to create space for junction boxes etc. in buildings without dry lining by attaching it to the existing vapour check and airtightness membrane and creating an airtight connection to it. The pro clima INSTAA Box creates a local installation zone for plug sockets and light switches in constructions where a service zone is not present between the air-tigh..
Starting at £16.50
Inc Vat: £19.80
The quick and easy solution for a durable secure and airtight seal around cables in conduits. For quick and easy airtight sealing in accordance with DIN 4108-7, SIA 180 and Austrian standard B8110-2 Flexible press-out circular plug seals around cables of various diameters Easy to pierce with nails or cartridge nozzles Multilayered sealing ribs ensure optimum connection to profiled pi..
Starting at £14.00
Inc Vat: £16.80

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