Airtightness tapes

Air tightness tapes from Pro Clima, designed and tested for a 100 year life span* and are key to durable building airtightness. Our best sellers are multi-purpose tapes, Tescon No. 1 and Tescon Vana.

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Tescon Vana-Tescon Profil
Tescon Vana range of airtightness tapes from Pro Clima; multi-purpose flexible corner sealing tape for windows, doors and corner joints with multiple release tapes. Minimum order quantity 2 rolls. Please contact us if you wish to buy a single roll of tape. TESCON VANA is a high tensile strength multi-purpose adhesive tape for airtight bonds indoors and outdoors in accordance with D..
Starting at £22.50
Inc Vat: £27.00
Tescon Preformed Corners
Preformed Internal (Incav) and External (Invex) corners made from Tescon Tape ..
Starting at £9.50
Inc Vat: £11.40
Tescon No1 Tape (30m x 60mm)

Tescon No1 tape is a multi purpose flexible tape 30m x 60mm essential for airtightness sealing.


Inc Vat: £27.00
Tescon Profect
Prefolded corner tape to make connections to adjacent structural elements such as windows, doors etc. internally and externally. ADVANTAGES Simple, quick and clean corner sealing as a result of pre-folding  No release paper on the first adhesive side: stick down the tape immediately, no need to remove and dispose of the first backing strip Available in strip widths of 25/35 mm a..
Starting at £41.50
Inc Vat: £49.80
Tescon Invis 60mm x 30m

TESCON INVIS is used to form a secure and permanent seal on Solitex WA

Inc Vat: £28.80
Extoseal Finoc
Extoseal Finoc is a moisture tight barrier tape used to seal under cills in timber frame structures, for joining wood basd panels to smooth mineral surfaces such as internal timber frame boarding to concrete slab floor, and to eliminate rising damp under sole plates. Available in four widths - 100,150, 200 and 300mm. Features Protects structural elements from water ingress: water tight and b..
Starting at £37.00
Inc Vat: £44.40
Extoseal Encors
Extoseal Encors is watertight adhesive tape with high adhesion for creating window sills, for joining wood-based panels to smooth mineral surfaces, to stick sub-roof panels one below the other (e.g. in grooves and transitions) and to bond these to adjoining structural elements. ..
Starting at £95.50
Inc Vat: £114.60
Contega PV, SL
Vapour resistant sealing tape for material junctions. Use Contega SL with ORCON F for sealing between windows and plaster. Contega PV has an additional reinforcing mesh for embedding in plaster and is suitable for sealing internal masonry junctions (eg roof to walls). NEW SOLIDO SL joint adhesive tape, which is full-surface adhesive and can be plastered over, ensures interior airtight and vapour-r..
Starting at £46.00
Inc Vat: £55.20
Contega Solido SL
Contega Solido SL (replacement for legacy product "Contega SL") is an airtight window and door sealing tape with vapour control properties. Contega Solido SL has a full surface waterproof solid adhesive backing offering excellent bonding to mineral surfaces. The tape full fleece face can be easily plastered over. Features  Vapour retarding and airtight sealing of indoor window and door ..
Starting at £35.00
Inc Vat: £42.00
Contega Solido EXO
NEW Contega Solido Exo. For exterior wind-proof sealing of thermally insulated joints when installing windows and doors. The CONTEGA SOLIDO EXO joint adhesive tape, which is full-surface adhesive and can be plastered over, ensures exterior windtight and diffusion-permeable sealing of windows and doors to adjacent building components made of wood and mineral materials such as concrete and sand-l..
Starting at £35.00
Inc Vat: £42.00

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