Pavatex Wood Fibre

NBT wood fibre insulation products

NBT Pavatex offer a range of external and internal insulating solutions using wood fibre boards.

Products are available individually plus some are also sold as complete systems covered by LABC Type approval.

Full design support including drawings review, assistance with detailing, thermal bridging (New Part L) and interstitial moisture calculations.

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PAVATEX sarking boards can be exposed to the weather for three months, and are “waterproof” according to the European standard EN 14964 for sarking boards. ISOLAIR sarking boards are simultaneously also insulation boards, and can therefore be included in the calculation of the heat transfer. When used as sarking boards, please observe the country-specific application codes according to the regulat..
Starting at £10.89
Inc Vat: £13.07
  PAVATHERM woodfibre insulation board is suitable for applications in roofs, walls and floors. The thermal insulation and storage properties, and the easy handling format of the boards, mean that the material is ideal for use in a wide range of constructions. To protect against thermal bridges the edge finish from 140 mm and up is designed as shiplap Pavatherm is ..
Starting at £4.53
Inc Vat: £5.44
PAVATHERM-COMBI is an insulating board for wall and roof with multifunctional application options and profiled edge design. It can be used on both sides and can be laid directly on the rafter. Protect against weather exposure. Over-rafter insulation systems: PAVATHERM-COMBI can be combined with ISOLAIR and PAVATHERM-PLUS to make efficient insulation systems. Install PAVATHERM-COMBI as the first l..
Starting at £13.39
Inc Vat: £16.07
Pavatherm Plus
Combination of PAVATHERM / dry process and ISOLAIR / wet process. Roof insulation applications: As roof insulation with integrated sarking board, PAVATHERM-PLUS is either laid over the full area as the outer layer of a PAVATEX over-rafter insulation, or is fitted directly on the rafters as a supplement to between-rafter insulation. For use as a sarking board, please..
Starting at £462.67
Inc Vat: £555.20
DIFFUTHERM is an optimised, render-compatible insulation with a combined structure, composed of multiple board layers. It is fastened with brackets or insulation anchors to timber frames and solid substrates. The render coating is applied using tested render systems from well-known manufacturers. Pavatex Diffutherm is water resistant and resistant against any kind of w..
Starting at £446.40
Inc Vat: £535.68
Diffutherm Reveal Boards
Starting at £3.62
Inc Vat: £4.34
Pavadry is a variant of the Pavadentro board, bonded with surface layer of hardboard for dry fit installation. Actively exploits capillary conductivity and the hydroscopic properties of woodfibres to prevent the formation of damaging moisture. The green functional layer developed by Pavatex ensures controlled moisture transfer. Screw fix to solid surface bases and finish with plasterboard screw..
Starting at £22.50
Inc Vat: £27.00
PAVADENTRO is an innovative, ecological internal insulation. It actively exploits capillary conductivity and the hygroscopic properties of woodfibres to prevent the formation of damaging moisture. In addition, the green functional layer, specially developed by PAVATEX, ensures controlled moisture transfer. It is fixed with brackets or insulation anchors to the full-surface base. It is coated with ..
Starting at £21.98
Inc Vat: £26.38
PAVAFLEX is a flexible woodfibre insulation material, with outstanding thermal insulation and storage properties for permeable construction methods. The harmless insulation material can be processed using simple cutting tools. Thanks to its flexibility and slump resistance, PAVAFLEX can be installed quickly, easily and with an accurate fit. Pavaflex, is a high performa..
Starting at £17.90
Inc Vat: £21.48
PAVAPRIM Primer. Water based 1lt bottle
PAVAPRIM is used as a primer for PAVATAPE and PAVAFIX 60 on PAVATEX woodfibre boards and other porous and mineral construction materials. The powerful substrate reinforcement has a high self-adhesive capacity. WATER BASED Drying time approx. 30 to 60 minutes. Coverage 20 m/l. Comes in 5 litre tub. Solvent-free and without odour Can be used at temperatures down to -10°C High self-adhesi..
Inc Vat: £15.10

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