ENERGATE® Entrance Doors

ENERGATE® Entrance Doors

ENERGATE® Entrance Doors


2.202 Solid Entrance Door with
side light

As will the rest of the ENERGATE® range, entrance doors come in a wide variety of styles. Like the windows they are available in the 1042/1042+ all wood finish or the 1202/1202+ wood/aluminium finish.

The range (2.000 - 5.000 series) comprises glazed and solid front doors with or without side panels, French doors, patio doors and doors with fire escape exit devices. All have flat thresholds for wheelchair access and open inwards as standard. (Outward opening available on request.)

The 1042[+] system are available in a range of coloured and natural wood  finishes and the 1202[+] system are available in a large range of standard and non standard RAL colours.

ENERGATE® doors have U-values (Ud) as low as 0.58 W/m²K depending on the door type.

"The ENERGATE range is truly exceptional in the variety of possibilities on offer. There seems to be an ENERGATE door for every situation and all of this is coupled with ENERGATE's class leading technical performance, build quality and great value for money"

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10 Year Warranties on Aluclad windows and doors.

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5 Year Warranties on Wood windows and doors

5 Year Warranties on Glazing units

5 Year Warranties on Hardware

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How we can help you with installation

It is essential to get the installation right in order to get the best energy performance from the windows, as well as ensuring that they operate correctly. We offer an expert architectural detailing service for window and door installations, this describes how to position and fit the window/door to achieve a thermal bridge free and airtight construction.

We will be offering a UK based fitting or advisory service (depending on the project's size and location) later in the year. In the mean time we can arrange installation by ENERGATE® using their German based fitters. Details of this will be provided along with your quotation for the supply of the windows.


Taking delivery of your windows

Triple glazed windows are of course very heavy. The glazing in a typical unit (with 3 x 4mm glass) weighs 30kg/m², plus the weight of frame and fittings. Some products, such as folding doors, are delivered in large units that cannot be dismantled on site: such units could weigh in excess of 600kg. A typical window will weigh between 50kg and 100kg. This means that, when unloading the windows, either fork lifts or spider cranes may be needed. It is essential we know what method of unloading you are planning to use, as this affects how the windows are packaged for transport.

Great care must be taken when lifting the windows above ground floor level. Lifting equipment may be needed - please follow our lifting guidelines. We are not able to accept liability for any damages during unloading - it is not the responsibility of the driver to unload the windows.


unload with care  please click image to read.


To help us give you a window quotation, please: 

1) Select your preferred ENERGATE® system: 1042[+] or 1202[+].

2) Use the Product Type Overview (pdf 2.1MB) to help you choose which type of window or door you would like. The Product Type Overview shows a wide range of types of window and door, however if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us, particularly if you want to match a style in a conservation area or for a listed building.

3) Complete our Window Schedule Quote Template (Excel file 4862KB). This will help you to give us the information we need to calculate your quote.

4) Email your completed Window Quote Schedule, together with 1:100 elevations and 1:50 plans, to windows@passivhausstore.co.uk. Once we have all the information needed, we will normally send you a quote, which will include delivery to your site, within 10 working days.

Tips and advice on getting the most from your budget

It is wise to plan on the basis of spending 10 percent or more of your build budget (construction costs) on your windows. With some careful design and choice of the right products, it is possible to manage your window spend so that you can get all the benefits of ENERGATE® ultra-high performance, triple glazed windows without exceeding your window budget. We will be very happy to help you find the right ENERGATE® solution for your budget.

Placing your order and payment

Once order details have been finalised and signed off, a down payment of 60% is required with the order, the balance payable prior to delivery. For large orders from corporate clients, a 100% payment via a letter of credit is required.

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