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Insulation is key to any low-energy building. In a Passivhaus, extra insulation, correctly detailed and installed, is needed to reach the very low U-values demanded by Passivhaus - buy specialist insulation online here from the insulation specialists.

The products we sell help you to avoid overly thick walls (<0.5m), minimise waste, install easily without gaps (no thermal bridging), provide some thermal mass, ensure moisture management properties (vapour open or 'breathable' insulation and capilliary active insulation).

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The Passivhaus Handbook

The Passivhaus Handbook - a practical guide to constructing and retrofitting bui..

£35.00 £30.00 Inc VAT: £30.00


Universal Woodfibre Insulation Board for Cladding, tiling, plaster and render. ..

Starting at: £10.92 Inc VAT: £10.92

Pavatherm Profil

PAVATHERM PROFIL Woodfibre insulation board for floor constructio..

Starting at: £9.82 Inc VAT: £9.82