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Lime and Silicate Renders & Plasters

Lime and Silicate Renders & Plasters

Pre-mixed renders available in a range of  colours and textures, giving exceptional performance and durability. Lime Green renders are highly breathable and elastic, with low water absorption, which means they will provide a durable finish for everything from rammed earth to modern building boards, such as the Steico Protect system.

Based on St Astier limes which are burnt at 900°C, compared to other limes which may be burnt at up to 1200°C, and to cement, which is  typically burnt at 1400°C Lime Green renders use less energy in their manufacture, which leads to lower carbon emissions initially. Then, as it sets, the lime absorbs up to 60 percent of the CO2 used in its manufacture.

The renders are available in a choice of textures, including roughcast, scraped and troweled finishes, and many different colours.


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Lime Green Duro

Great for renovation, conservation or eco-friendly new builds, it offers superio..

£12.51 Inc VAT: £15.01

Lime Green Ultra

Lime Green Ultra with new improved formulation, is another route to providing br..

£14.43 Inc VAT: £17.32

Lime Green Prepbond WP

Lime Green Prepbond WP is designed as an undercoat for building out and leveling..

£20.56 Inc VAT: £24.67

Lime Green Finish WP

Lime Green Finish WP is a decorative and weather proof pre-coloured topcoat rend..

£16.56 Inc VAT: £19.87

Lime Green Grippa

Lime Green Grippa is a render and plaster undercoat for difficult surfaces with ..

£17.91 Inc VAT: £21.49

Silicate Mineral Finish Render

Lime Green Silicate Render is a ready to use decorative final coat for the Warms..

£92.00 Inc VAT: £110.40

Silicate Paint

Lime Green Silicate Paint is a ready to use decorative final coat over the War..

Starting at: £150.80 Inc VAT: £150.80

Lime Green Solo One Coat Lime Plaster

Lime Green One Coat plaster is an internal lime plaster made to an historic reci..

£14.90 Inc VAT: £17.88

Silic8 MP1 Primer

 A mineral based plaster primer which is designed to control many high suct..

Starting at: £57.70 Inc VAT: £57.70

Lime Green Natural Finish

Lime Green Natural Finish is a fine finish coat based on St. Astier Natural Hydr..

£15.40 Inc VAT: £18.48